Monday, July 25, 2005

God of the Low End

The band GZR, led by legendary Black Sabbath bass guitarist and lyricist Geezer Butler, new studio album Ohmwork is in stores now through Sanctuary Records. Ohmwork is Butler’s first album in eight years. Butler is joined by vocalist Clark Brown and guitarist Pedro Howse, his longtime collaborators, and new drummer Chad Smith.

A potent, tangible band dynamic is crucial for Butler. He does not ever want an album credited to "Geezer Butler" when it is a true band effort. Butler is proud of the fact that GZR's music appeals to both young metal fans as well as Black Sabbath fans. He attributes this fact about cross-generational appeal to heavy metal's very essence. Rumors are floating that GZR may tour with Tony Iommi in the Fall 2005.

Review and giveaways copies available. Check out the assets page below for music, pictures and info:


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