Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Texan Pride

Texas is a source of immeasurable pride for those who were born and bred there, including the young shredders of A Dozen Furies.

Vocalist Bucky Garrett's melodic Mike Patton croon often careens without warning into a blistering death howl, supplying an edge that more than matches the compositional schizophrenia on ADF’s debut full-length A Concept From Fire, (in stores 9.13) an explosive collection of propulsive metalcore harmonies, visceral death-derived change-ups, and memorable, gripping hooks that refuse to pander.

ADF is hauling an RV along for their coming-out party on the biggest metal tour in the world this summer, Ozz-Fest.

Assets page below with brutal tracks from their debut album, banners, pictures, etc. Review and giveaway copies are available. The band will be available for interviews. This album is intense so check it out!!!


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