Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Voice of a Generation Returns

If I told you about an individual whose musical odyssey included starting a band in the late ’60s that opened six shows for the MC5 and the Stooges and also produced some of the most seminal artists of our time, including Bad Brains, Suicide, Iggy Pop and Guided by Voices, you would likely say that this person sounded like one the coolest people in the world. Now suppose this same person rounded out his resume with a decade-long stint in one of the most influential rock groups of the’70s and ‘80s, selling over 25 million albums and spawning legions of imitators twenty years later; did more board work for some of today’s most lauded bands, including Weezer, Le Tigre, Mercury Rev and No Doubt; AND a gig at a major label working as a VP of A&R where in a year’s time he attended only one meeting -- you might think this unnamed person was a pathological liar - and that’s not even taking into account marrying a supermodel, a cameo in a John Waters film, and working with Andy Warhol. Ladies and gentlemen meet Ric Ocasek.

When Ric Ocasek and The Cars self-titled debut dropped in 1978 on Elektra, The Cars were already an established Boston band. Over the next ten years they would go on to release six albums, had many top 10 hits and sold over 25 million albums.

In addition to releasing Ric’s sixth solo album Nexterday (out September 27, 2005) the label is distributing Ocasek’s imprint, Inverse Records.

Review copies now available, assets available below, Ric may be available for interviews-Get Twisted!!!


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