Tuesday, August 30, 2005

25 Years of the New World Order

After 25 years of leading rock’s industrial revolution, Al Jourgensen of Ministry is fired up and ready to release Rantology on Sanctuary Records September 27, 2005. The 25th anniversary collection is Mr. Jourgensen’s personal interpretation and reflection upon the music his iconic band has created over the years. Featuring 14 classic tracks hand-picked, produced and remixed by Jourgensen, over half of the collection has been updated, reworked, and reanimated by Jourgensen. In addition, the CD features three live tracks along with a new never-heard-before song titled “The Great Satan,” giving listeners a sneak preview of the upcoming studio album due out in April 2006.

Forming Ministry in Chicago in 1980, Al Jourgensen unwittingly kicked off what would become a pivotal turning point in music, coined “industrial." As the genre slowly gathered an underground following, Ministry’s The Mind is a Terrible Thing To Taste and The Land of Rape and Honey quietly went Gold and the mainstream finally began taking notice. However, it was the Gulf War and President Bush in the White House that truly led Ministry to find its muse, where their open expression of rage resonated loud and clear with music fans. Pslam 69 went Platinum and industrial bands popped up everywhere, with MTV and radio stations quickly jumping on board. Today, with more than 10 albums to its name and bands the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie citing Al Jourgensen’s influence, Ministry is the pre-eminent industrial rock band.

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