Wednesday, August 17, 2005

He's Not on His Way Down Anymore

Where has Rob Dickinson been for the five years since his ground-breaking band The Catherine Wheel stopped making records? The answers, as we shall see, might prove elusive. The curious world of Mr. Dickinson, unfolds.

The Catherine Wheel was a cool band. In Rob Dickinson they possessed a songwriter and lyricist of rare and sometimes audacious talent. Never was a band so influential and yet so invisible. They quietly unleashed 6 brilliant albums all an artistic development of the last and all reflecting a musical force that could crush any band that dared share a stage - ask Radiohead or The Smashing Pumpkins about that.

Whatever merit his past with the band may confer on him, Dickinson’s inevitable stardom would appear to be as a solo artist with a breathtaking new collection of music celebrating the extremes of the human spirit. If ever a slice of modern rock music deserved the adjective’ deep’, Fresh Wine for the Horses is it.

Check out Rob Dickinson's asset page for great music, info and pictures:


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